Current Version Is 3.0.3

Ability FTP Server incorporates many advanced features with an easy to use interface. This flexible FTP server usually only takes a couple of minutes to configure. Offering power control over accounts, the software comes with advanced monitoring to enable you to view and study activity. The server includes a Remote Admin facility which allows total control of the server from any location. Other features include 256-bit SSL encryption, anti-hammering and much more.

Key Features

  • 256-bit SSL / TLS - Use strong encryption to protect your data.
  • Strong Security - Many security features help protect your accounts and data.
  • Remote Admin - Full administration from any location.
  • Session Viewer - View current and past connections with real-time 'Disconnect User' and 'Stop Transfer' options.
  • Activity Viewer - View detailed graphs of connection counts, data flow, logins, file actions and more.
  • Groups - Quick and fast account management with powerful group controls.
  • Access Rights - Full independent access control for each account, group and virtual folder.
  • Virtual Folders - Share folders amongst accounts and groups with individual permissions and quotas.
  • Powerful Restrictions - Control disk quotas, IP access, allowed file types, transfer speed / throttle and much more.
  • Message Control - Edit welcome messages and other server responses.
  • Disk Quotas - Set a maximum space allocation for each account and virtual folder.
  • Transfer Speed and Throttle Control - Transfer Speed and Throttle Control
  • Unlimited File Size Support - Full support for files of any size.
  • Resumable Uploads and Downloads - Full support for resuming broken file transfers.
  • Remote File Execution - Allow users to run executables on the server.
  • RFC 959 Compliant - Compatible with all standard FTP clients.
  • More Features...