Current Version Is 3.0.3

Ability FTP Server incorporates many advanced features with an easy to use interface. This flexible FTP server usually only takes a couple of minutes to configure. Offering power control over accounts, the software comes with advanced monitoring to enable you to view and study activity. The server includes a Remote Admin facility which allows total control of the server from any location. Other features include 256-bit SSL encryption, anti-hammering and much more.

Features and Edition Comparison
Administration Free Personal Enterprise
Remote Admin
Session Viewer
Activity Viewer
Log Viewer
Live Administration
Security Free Personal Enterprise
'Disconnect User' and 'Stop Transfer' Controls
IP Control
Site to Site Transfers (FXP)
Banned Files
Block 'Time-Out Prevention'
Limits Free Personal Enterprise
Disk Quotas
Transfer Speed and Throttle Control
Credits (Upload and Download Ratios)
Maximum Connections Per IP or Account
User and Group Permissions Free Personal Enterprise
Access Rights
Virtual Folders
Secret Files and Folders
Advanced Features Free Personal Enterprise
Message Control
Unlimited File Size Support
Resumable Uploads and Downloads
Remote File Execution
Allow User Password Changing
MDTM Support
Delete to Recycle Bin
RFC 959 Compliant
Enterprise Features Free Personal Enterprise
256-bit SSL and TLS
Business Use Permitted
Maximum User Accounts 1 25 Unlimited
Free $40 $200