Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to the most commonly asked questions.


Using the Interface - Understand how to navigate and use the client interface.
Setting Up Your Hardware - Securely configure routers and firewalls to work in harmony with your FTP server.
General Setup - Get your FTP server up and running with maximum security and minimum effort.
Using Groups - How groups effect their users.
Using Credits - A few ideas on how credits can help.
Using SSL - Use 256-bit encryption to protect login details and data.
Creating an Anonymous Account - How to setup an anonymous account.
Editing INI Files - Externally edit the FTP server settings.
Important Security Considerations - Tips and suggestions on how to protect your FTP server and its users.
Setting Up Your FTP Client - Ensure your FTP client is able to upload and download files correctly.


Status - General server activity.
Activity - Graphical representation of current and past activity.
Sessions - Monitor and control past and current sessions.
Logs - Search server and user logs.


Connect - Setup connections to local or remote FTP services.
Admin - Admin security, startup options, log management.
FTP - Ports, SSL / TLS, server operation, general restrictions.
Users and Groups - User, password, folders, access rights.
Messages - Edit FTP protocol replies.
SSL Certificates - Manage SSL certificates.
License - Change and view your current license status.
Tools - Import from previous version, check for updates.

End User License Agreement and Credits

End User License Agreement - Terms and conditions of use.
Credits - Acknowledgements to third party organizations.


Update History - View version updates and newly added features.
Social Media and Mailing Lists - Receive important software update announcements and news.

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