It is important that Admin has the ability to view and control currently connected users in real time, this is the purpose behind the sessions list. Through this page you can instantly monitor all connected users and also control them with the 'Stop' and 'Disconnect' buttons. This ensures that you always have true control over the FTP server and have the ability to control and prevent abusive users. The session lists also displays past connections and the appropriate statistics. The storage life time of session data is adjustable from within the Admin settings.

Sessions #

The information shown on the session page represents all the sessions that fall within the selected time range, this includes both currently connected sessions and past sessions. Adjusting displayed time range can be done by selecting the appropriate option from the drop down list. Most of the options which begin with the word 'Last' will enable the list to automatically update. At the bottom of the list there is a 'Custom' option which allows you to customize the exact time range to show. Each line displays when the session started, the duration of the session, which user was logged into, the client side IP address, the current or last action, the remote file or folder the last action was performed on, the amount of data transferred and how many file events occurred. By double clicking or by clicking the 'View Logs' button, you will taken to a list of log entries associated with that session.

  • Time Range - This allows you to select the time range in which to display the data. Most of the filter options which begin with 'Last' will enable the graphs to automatically update. The bottom filter 'Custom' option allows you to customize the exact time range.

Controlling Live Sessions #

If you wish to disconnect or stop the transfer of a session which is currently connected, you can select the session in the list and then click on the appropriate 'Stop' or 'Disconnect' button. A message box will prompt you for the reason for the action which upon clicking OK, will be sent to the user just as they are disconnected or stopped. The message in the prompt will also be saved for later use. Actions performed on users take effect immediately although you may still have to wait a few seconds for the list to update.

See Also: Admin, Status, Activity, Logs.