Current Version Is 5.1.0

Ability Mail Server is an advanced, secure and high performing mail server. With support for all standard mail protocols, including SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP and WebMail, the software can meet the needs of almost any business or home user. Ability Mail Server is fully scalable with support for unlimited users and domains, ODBC and clustering. The mail server also includes strong SPAM protection, on-server antivirus scanning, Content Filtering, IPv6 and much more.

Key Features

  • SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and LDAP - Receive mail, send mail and access your accounts using any standard mail protocol.
  • WebMail - Multi-lanugage access to your emails from any web browser using customizable templates.
  • 256-bit SSL - Secure access to your mail with 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • SPAM Protection - Prevent SPAM with RBL filters, self learning Bayesian Filtering technology, Grey Listing, SPF checking and much more.
  • Antivirus Protection - Protect users from viruses by integrating your mail server with almost any existing antivirus product.
  • Strong Security - Lock down your mail server with IP Restrictions, SMTP Authentication, Tarpitting, Anti-hammering and more.
  • Content Filtering - Set up rules to control your mail content, run applications, send new mail and much more.
  • POP3 Retrievals - Automatically download mails from other mail servers into local accounts.
  • Mailing Lists - Send bulk mails to multiple email addresses and accounts. Opt-in Mailing Lists allow users to automatically add and remove themselves.
  • ODBC - Store and control vital user information using an ODBC database. Integrate your mail server with other applications and web scripts.
  • Remote Admin - Remotely access your settings, user accounts and logs via any web browser.
  • Domain Administrators - Allow users to administer their own domains through WebMail.
  • More Features...

Feature Packed WebMail

Ability Mail Server's WebMail is designed with a modern responsive interface that changes layout for desktop, mobile and tablet views. Features include multi-language customizable templates, online registration, domain administration, HTML composing, address books, file stores, POP retrievals, SPAM filters, block lists, folder searching, signatures, auto-reaponses, drafts, importance level control, sub folders, read receipts and much more. To find out more, please view the WebMail page.

Highly Effective SPAM Protection

With SPAM accounting for over 70% of all Internet mail traffic, it is important to ensure your users are well protected. Bayesian offers you the very best in SPAM protection and includes a comprehensive suite of 10 filters. By using just a few of these it is possible to irradicate almost all SPAM, and in some cases, achieve a detection rate of over 99% with very few false positives. The filters include technologies such as self learning Bayesian, RBLs, SPF, Grey List, Black List, SPAM Trap and more. To find out more, please view the SPAM Filtering page.

Strong Security

Security is vital to your business and it is something we take very seriously. With support for on server antivirus, secure authentication mechanisms and 256-bit SSL, Ability Mail Server can offer you maximum protection for your mail. Other security features include restrictions on mail transfer limits, IPs, anti-hammering, tarpitting and more.

Standards Compliant

Ability Mail Server fully supports all common standard mail protocols including SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP and HTTP. This ensures that your users will be able to access their mail from almost any mail client or device. The mail server also supports IPv4 and IPv6 protocols ensuring your mail server is ready for the future.

Easy to Use

The primary goal of Ability Mail Server's interface is to present the administrator with an application that is self explanatory and very easy to use. Designed with a logical layout that avoids confusing drop down menus, navigation around settings is simplified and quick to learn. Added to this is a generous selection of setup wizards, there to help guide the administrator through the initial setup and other important tasks such as configuring SPAM, services or adding users.