Using Groups

This page describes in detail the advantages of using groups and how best to set up the groups on your mail server. For more detailed information on what each option of the Groups settings is for, please view the Groups page.

Groups #

Groups offer a powerful facility to control large numbers of users quickly and easily. Every account in Ability Mail Server is part of a group and is restricted by the options set by that group. A group has the power to restrict allocation limits, access rights and also control aspects of the WebMail facility, such as adding entries to user address books. The main benefit of groups is that changing a single setting will take effect with possibly thousands of accounts, making administration faster and more manageable.

Using Groups #

Most mail servers will have several groups configured, each with varying levels of access. An online email service would generally have at least two groups: one for free users which are strongly restricted and another for paying users who would have larger allocations and access to more services. In an organisation, managers would probably have fewer restrictions than other employees.

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