Using Mailing Lists

This page describes in detail the advantages of using Mailing Lists and how best to set up the Mailing Lists on your mail server. For more detailed information on what each option of the Mailing Lists settings is for, please view the Mailing Lists page.

Mailing Lists #

Mailing Lists allow you to setup special email addresses on the mail server which will allow you to quickly send emails to large numbers of email accounts. The lists can contain both local and external email addresses as well as being setup to deliver to all users within a particular local domain or group.

Using Mailing Lists #

Mailing Lists are designed to be simple to set up but also remain secure. The available security options allow you to restrict the number of deliveries per day and also force any delivery triggers to provide a password in the subject. Mailing Lists can also manage delivery email addresses, allowing users to automatically add or remove themselves.

Automatic Adding and Removing

By enabling the Auto-Add and Auto-Remove options in the Mailing Lists, users can send emails to the Mailing List to add or remove themselves automatically. This helps administration by removing the requirement for manual management of the Mailing List. If using automatic adding, users need only send a mail to the Mailing List containing a blank subject. If using automatic removing, users need only send a mail to the Mailing List with the 'Auto-Remove Subject Trigger' text somewhere in the subject (usually 'REMOVE ME').

Externally Managing Delivery Information

All the delivery information of a Mailing List is separated and stored in a single file. This allows easier external manipulation of the delivery addresses. By simply adding or removing lines from this file, you can adjust the delivery addresses of the Mailing List. For more information on editing INI files, please view the Mailing List page.